Foundation Sensory Gym, Inc.

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Foundation Sensory Gym, INC.

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Watch This:

This video explains what children living with Sensory Processing Disorder experience day to day.

Welcome To Foundation Sensory Gym!

Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide a supportive space to embrace individual needs and to build self esteem in children through family and community centered sensory play.  


The statistics support early intervention but many children with special needs are not able to benefit from typical child friendly gyms that may be over stimulating, too unstructured, not structured enough and may not provide opportunity for working through behavioral dysregulation.  This can be very frustrating for families as they seek out activities that support and create a foundation for building independence and mastery of environmental challenges. 

We want to embrace the needs of the community and not only support the little ones but also honor the needs of the teens in the community. As we look to the future our teens with special needs will continually need "sensory tune ups" and will benefit from having a safe and supportive place to engage in meeting their sensory needs. Let's be sure that they have a space that meets their needs too.

Foundation Sensory Gym, Inc. is organized as a public charity and is funded by donations, grants and membership dues. Foundation Sensory Gym, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) public charity. 

Check out our slideshow that details the benefits to a local sensory gym and helps explain why we need your help! HERE

Our Vision for the Community

  • Build a community sensory gym that supports children with special needs and fosters   independence and self esteem
  • Create a space that enables families to play with their children and engage in positive interactions that build a foundation for the future
  • Support children and families through the life span 
  • Grow with the special needs of the surrounding communities
  • Build a network of caring individuals

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